Group Show
Weights & Measures
October 5 – November 4, 2012 | 195 Chrystie St, NY

Leonor Antunes | Jo Baer | Elaine Cameron-Weir | Lygia Clark | Channa Horwitz | Agnes Martin | Dorothea Rockburne | Analia Saban | Mira Schendel | Davina Semo | Valeska Soares | Allyson Vieira

Eleven Rivington is pleased to present a group exhibition entitled Weights & Measures, on view at the gallery’s 195 Chrystie Street location, from October 5 – November 4, 2012.  The exhibition presents 12 women artists of different backgrounds and generations in a formal conversation about simple forms, active geometry, and contained volume.  The show focuses primarily on materials and processes as practiced by several generations of artists from Latin America, the US, and Europe, proposing connections between the Neo-Concrete movement, minimalism and conceptual art, and material-focused object-making as practiced today. Weights & Measures features sculpture, drawing and painting, including historic material in the form of works on paper from the 50s (Lygia Clark), 60s (Jo Baer, Agnes Martin and Mira Schendel), and 70s (Dorothea Rockburne).