Group Show
January 10 – February 13, 2010 | 11 Rivington St, NY

Olivier Babin | Nick Cave | Rober Medvedz | Denise Kupferschmidt

Eleven Rivington is pleased to present a 4-person exhibition of artists - Olivier Babin, Nick Cave, Robert Medvedz, and Denise Kupferschmidt – on view from January 10 through February 13, 2010.  The artists come from diverse backgrounds and generations but are brought together in this exhibition with works of limited palette: all the works on view will be primarily be in black-and-white.

Featured in the exhibition will be cast sculptures in porcelain and patinated bronze by French conceptual artist Olivier Babin.  Chicago-based Nick Cave, who is known for his exuberant use of color, has a created a new soundsuit - whose mannequin and support fabric is in black-and-white - specifically for the exhibition.  Robert Medvedz’s large-scale pop-infused paintings employ hand-cut tissue-thin black Japanese paper meticulously applied onto white vinyl.  And Brooklyn-based emerging artist Denise Kupferschmidt will be represented by graphic and abstract drawings in ink on book pages as well as painted objects.  The show’s simple premise presents four markedly different artists working in varied subjects, mediums, and approaches, offering dissonance and frisson held in check by a basic visual tenet – the clarity of objects, works, and ideas without color.